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Here Nandita and Tess lead you through relaxing fun journeys sometimes called visualisations. Perhaps you want to feel stronger and more centred in yourself. Maybe a tree can help ground you and help you feel more rooted to the earth. Perhaps you want to feel what’s really going on inside, feel your feelings, your heart. Nandita has a few suggestions to help you. You can listen to Tess and Nandita guide you through, or you can read their words below. Maybe ask your mum or dad to read them to you, or you can read them to each other.

Nandita tess

Tess talks trees

I love trees. They breathe for us, you know. What we breathe out they breathe in, and what they breathe out we breathe in – it’s magic! I love how each tree is different when you really look. Even the same kind of tree. They’re as different as we are. And a tree is home to all kinds of creatures. So many birds singing, making nests and laying their eggs. Chicks learning to fly. I love the tiny multicoloured insects. Think of squirrels playing and tumbling in the branches. Mice burrowing in the roots.

Press Play to hear Tess

I feel happy with trees. I love to put my hands on the bark and feel the texture. I love to be up in the branches or playing under a tree with my friends or sitting below in the soft grass.

Sometimes I want to dream or think about something, so I go to a tree. Or I imagine a tree. You can do that too. Sometimes I want to feel strong or more peaceful or I want to have a friend. A tree can be a friend.

So this is what I do:

Imagine a beautiful tree with a strong trunk and lots of branches like protecting arms.

Sit in the soft grass beneath the tree with your back up against it and let your back melt into the trunk. Feel how the energy of the tree meets you, and breathe… Just breathe… Breathe in… and out… in… and out… in and out… Maybe you sigh as your breath goes out. In… and out… (sighing as you breathe out)

This tree is really strong. It has roots going deep into the earth, and branches reaching up into the sky. It can sway in the wind and play with the wind. It’s flexible. When you feel the support of the tree, you can let go of anything that’s bothering you. Anything at all. Just breathe… and let go… breathe… and let go… Maybe sway a little.

And sigh like the wind. Feel how good it is to be a tree planted in the earth, playing with the wind. Listen to the sounds of the wind rustling. Feel the breeze on your face. Listen. Maybe the tree has a message for you. Or maybe you just like being with the tree. Breathing in… and out… in… and out… in… and out…

Feel the roots of the tree going deep into the earth and feel the branches like protecting arms and know that you are always taken care of. Nature is wonderful. This planet is amazing. Think of the things you love about being on the Earth.

Now you can always come back to this tree. You can play with it, dance with it, or sit below it and feel the strength and support in you. Thank the tree.

Open your eyes. Stretch your arms, move about.

Did you get a message? Maybe you did. Or maybe it was just good to be there feeling the support and meeting with the tree.

Listening to my heart from Nandita


Sometimes I want to know deep down inside me what’s true.

What do I really feel about something?

I know there’s a place inside me where I can find out.

I know my heart can guide me.

photo by Alice Carfrae

So I find somewhere quiet and I close my eyes and I begin to breathe in… and out… breathe in… and out… breathe in… and out… I place my hands over my heart and I keep breathing in… and out… in… and out… in… and out… Now I feel a soft pink colour moving through my heart as I keep breathing. This soft pink colour feels wonderful as it moves through my heart and relaxes me.

And I imagine I’m taking a walk down a path with flowers around me and a soft wind on my face. And I’m walking along to sit in a clearing by a beautiful pool full of sunlight and rainbow colours.

I sit down on the ground by the pool and I think about some things. I think: “What makes me feel good? And when am I most happy? And who do I love? What makes me smile?”

It feels so good to ask these questions.

And now I reach into the beautiful pool for a handful of rainbow water. And as I look at the water I see it moving and changing a little. And soon it becomes a crystal heart full of rainbows. And I hold the crystal heart in my hand.

I know this heart is like the answers to my questions and the ones I haven’t asked yet. I know that it’s telling me to trust inside my heart. Because my heart always knows what’s true for me.

I hold the crystal heart to my cheek and say thank you. I place it back in the rainbow pool. Then I walk back along the path, through the flowers, and I count down from 3 to 1. 3… 2… 1… and I open my eyes and stretch. Maybe I hear a message from my heart. One thing I know – my heart often gives me messages, and when I want to, I can listen.

Special thanks to Melody the voice of Tess

and Rose the voice of Nandita

and a big thank you to Drum for the recording.

Picture of Girl Meditating

photo by Victoria Whelan

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