Nandita's Dream book Author, Sarah Patterson

Sarah in the Amazon, Ecuador, photo Dean Jacobs

There’s a vision that sparks Nandita’s Dream, and it’s found in our hearts and the way we share the world. Nandita’s Dream is about the wisdom, co-creativity and bright-spiritedness of the children in the world. It’s also about the adventure we all share of creating our dreams and bringing them into reality.

Nandita’s journey in the book is an adventure of heart and spirit. It’s an exciting way of exploring love, empowerment and co-creation. It contains wisdom teachings that are new paradigm material and also come from tribal wisdom. Nandita is an imaginative child of two cultures, naturally exploring what it means to be a global citizen. She also begins to realise that she’s interacting with many other consciousnesses, from animal, plant and tree to the whole unique planet itself. The wonderful world music album of songs reflects that consciousness. The songs themselves are like mantras for different parts of the adventure and different experiences on the journey of our lives.

Nandita journeys with her friends in the rainforest, stretched and expanded by her dream quest. How can people love each other and be different? As she meets The People tribe, swims with dolphins and climbs to the crystal cave, she is experiencing initiations and wonder. She finds her own purpose, the answer to what sparks her heart and makes it beat. She sings her own song to the planet and offers her gifts. Then her individual question becomes a global question. “What’s my dream?” opens into “What’s my dream for the world?”

And that is the next part of the vision. We are creating a forum where children can connect with each other and share their dreams. We are offering it through this website and at events including the Nandita Day, when children can get together and ‘hold council’ – talk about what they’d like to create in the world and their dreams with the planet. Young dreamkeepers and older dreamkeepers are here to support them at these events and to honour their dreaming and sharing. We know the children are ‘growing our futures’. These gatherings include children from different experiences and cultures and there’s great music, singing and art. Nandita’s Dream is an evolving project. The book and the album are the beginning of an exciting adventure: our quest to live together on this beautiful planet, creating and manifesting our dreams.

Nandita's Dream Rainforest

Photo by Dean Jacobs

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