The Artist

Nandita's Dream artist, Dorrie

Dorrie Joy is a gifted visionary painter whose love of children and nature is evident everywhere on this website. She has brought the story alive in her paintings.

When she was Nandita’s age, her dream was to live in a wild and green beautiful place with lots of animals and children, and to spend her time painting, drawing, sewing, dancing, baking cakes and riding horses. And, yay! It all came true.

Dorrie creates all sorts of colourful things, from painting to drums, for all sorts of colourful people, and works mainly through commission. She thinks life is as great as you can dream it and that planet Earth is an amazing place to be.

Dorrie’s approach to art is inspirational. You can catch that on our films with her.

She loves to show us all how to paint with anything from rubbers to cloths, using our hands,
maybe our feet and certainly our hearts.

She is passionate about sharing her love of painting and her knowing that anyone can paint. We love having her as part of this project.

Photo by Alice Carfrae Copyright 2012

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