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We feel so lucky to be in an international community of creative people and organisations who are all doing great things in the world.

The Achuar tribe have lived in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years. They have taken the decision to share their deep knowledge and care of the rainforest with others so that we may connect with each other and revaluate the treasures of this planet. They run one of the world’s most beautiful eco-lodges in Ecuador. They are a dreaming people and their wisdom represents an invaluable resource for us all. Visiting them had a profound effect on Sarah and Jacqueline.

Dean Jacobs connects children to cultures, history and nature, sending back reports as he travels in the world’s most exciting places. He’s also contributing photos and film to our website. For his school work and wonderful children’s book see

School of Movement Medicine – Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan are dynamic teachers of movement medicine running workshops in many countries and are the founders of the project one world mosaic.

Elizabeth Theriault drum and rattle maker, convener of the drumspeak gatherings of elders from different traditions. She is also a celebrant or officiant of weddings and ceremonies. She holds a big vision for the good of the peoples and the planet. Elizabeth made the Nandita’s Dream Butterfly Shaman Dream Rattle.

The Pachamana Alliance are bridging the indigenous with the modern world. They deliver experiences designed to inspire and educate individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world. They also have an inspiring young people’s organisation called Generation Waking Up.

Seed – planting big ideas – Victoria Whelan (aka Joyaa) and team are exuberant co-creators whose focus helps the dream come out into the world. Artists themselves, they offer a dynamic empathy to any project, whether that be through design, innovation, events or agency.

Embercombe is a charity and social enterprise established to champion a way of living that celebrates the opportunities inherent in this challenging time and that inspires people to contribute energetically towards the emergence of a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling human presence on Earth.

The Thirteen Grandmothers have moved and inspired people all over the world, bringing out the message of indigenous elders that we consider the next seven generations in all our decisions. As the grandmothers’ council travels the world, they and their ambassadors have a great impact on all kinds of people everywhere.

The Magic Bus is part of Musicians without Borders’ work with children in areas of the world divided by ethnic conflict. Music connects.

Magic Bus is an Indian non-profit working with children from marginalised communities. Using the medium of sport, they work with children and communities towards gender equality, better education, health and livelihood opportunities.

Luminous Garden is a supportive online community bringing together people from around the world. They come to share vision seeds and healing prayers in the gardens and talk about spirituality, humanity and the Earth.

Alice Carfrae Winner of Dartington Young photographer of the year’ competition, Alice studied of Documentary photography at University of Wales, Newport. Alice’s fresh eye and skill has really brought out the best of the images on this website.

Mark Peberdy and Leapfrog Digital Media is based in West Devon in the foothills of Dartmoor. His technial ability combine with his background in fine art has made him the perfect person for this creative website.

Dorrie Joy, the wonderful, inspiring illustrator for the Nandita’s Dream project, lives on Dartmoor. She paints, sculpts and writes, and makes shamanic drums, rattles, medicine bags, pottery and wild clothing. She works mostly by private commission.

Black Umfolosi are an internationally acclaimed multidiscipline performing arts group specialising in harmonic acappella singing and traditional African dance. They are based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where they have established the Enkundleni Centre for the Arts.

Sheema Mukherjee This innovative and gifted sitar player began her study of North Indian classical music at the age of five. Her journey continues today with both traditional and contemporary music exploring fusion and musical forms.

Sura Susso is a Gambian griot, born into a family with a long tradition of music for the spirit, healing and storytelling. He plays the kora with traditional African and Western musicians.

Volker Kaczinski is a musician and sound engineer. He has been involved with the engineering of the Nandita’s Dream project from the beginning and he enthusiastically supported the development of the book. His many albums and details of his studio can be found at

Julian Marshall is a composer, songwriter, teacher and arranger. His modern classical works include ‘The Angel in the Forest’ and ‘Out of the Darkness’. He was one half of pop duo Marshall Hain with the hit single ‘Dancing in the City’, part of Flying Lizards with the hit single ‘Money’ and part of the duo Eye to Eye.

Ben Burrow is a percussionist and singer. He plays with several live bands and teaches workshops with the School of Movement Medicine.
01803 862 722

Paul Armfield is a double bassist, a guitarist and a writer, and his albums (including with the 4 Good Reasons), many compositions, contributions to festivals and the like can be found at

Lawrence Kelson is a percussionist on the Nandita’s Dream album and website. He started drumming at eleven and is now an accomplished musician, performing in bands including Madrum and After the Rain.

Pete Bernard is a superb guitarist pianist, songwriter and teacher. He sometimes performs with Sura Susso.

Rob Waite is a sound engineer with a particular interest in world music. He is also and a guitarist, and he made good use of both talents for the Nandita’s Dream album.
07779 788 703

Chris Glassfield is an acoustic guitarist who plays classical, jazz and New Age music. He plays guitar on our Journeys page. His intuitive response allows him to be sublime at improvisation

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