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1. Beautiful Day (feat. Bryony Doyle; Sarah Patterson; Black Umfolosi)
2. My Mamma Told Me (feat. Oriana Hollis; Tommy Blaize)
3. Bengali Lullaby (feat. Sheema Mukherjee)
4. Welcome Song (feat. Black Umfolosi; Rainbow Children)
5. Jungle (feat. Sura Susso; Adrian Freedman)
6. The People (feat. Rainbow Children; Black Umfolosi; Julian Marshall)
7. Toes Jazz (feat. Sarah Patterson; Black Umfolosi; Paul Armfield; Rick Stokes)
8. Hey Nandita (feat. Rainbow Children)
9. Wind Chant (feat. Sarah Patterson; Black Umfolosi)
10. Joe's Rock (feat. Joe Minden; Rainbow Children)
11. The Crystal Cave (feat. Sura Susso)
12. Listen to Your Life (feat. Sarah Patterson; Tommy Blaize; Julian Marshall; Rob Waite)
13. Friends (feat. Black Umfolosi; Rainbow Children)
14. Inside My Heart (feat. Grace Mooring; Rainbow Children; Black Umfolosi; Pete Bernard)
15. Pachamama (feat. Sarah Patterson; Black Umfolosi; Rainbow Children; Ben Burrow; Tommy Blaize)
16. Hey Little Girl (feat. Sarah Patterson; Black Umfolosi)
17. Love's Vibration (feat. Sheema Mukherjee; Sarah Patterson; Lawrence Kelson; Rainbow Children)

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