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This is a place where you can share your dreams, visions and inspiration with each other.

You can send in a message and you can add a favourite photo if you wish. Sign up with your parents or teachers email here and when we receive a reply, get ready to upload your dreams

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What can I write about?

Say what you want for your life on planet earth. Tell us what you want for the planet itself. Share who and what inspires you…what you want to create here…who you want to create it with. What do you love most about the world, the people and the beings of the earth? Who do you love?

“Nandita was a dreamer,” continued Salassie
What’s a dreamer?” asked Ayub
“A dreamer is someone who helps create the world through their dreams.”
Nandita’s Dream

People from the Amazon Achuar Tribe paint their dreams on their faces

Picture of Achuar Children

Photos Dean Jacobs

Picture of children with computer

Dear Parents, Elders, Guardians and Teachers,

Welcome to the dreams uploading page of the Nandita’s Dream website, a place where we’re encouraging children to express their dreams for themselves and for the planet. We’re also creating an online community where children share their dreams and make connections with each other.

Children’s dreams are very important to us and so is children’s safety so we will pre-moderate every comment uploaded. Please make sure your children use only their first name and country and never indicate their precise location or reveal contact details. We hope that in the spirit of this website, positive aspirations and dreams will be shared.

We are human moderators who have carefully read guidelines that have been ratified legally and run by organisations such as the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and we always pre-moderate which means that the content is approved before publication.

Photo Victoria Whelan

For more information on this:

CEOP’s thinkuknow website

Internet Safety Zone

Childnet International

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

We would love to know your dreams for your children and the world and appreciate hearing from parents and elders. How have you fulfilled your dreams? What inspires you? Who inspires you? And what are your visions for the future? Feel free to write in to info@nanditasdream.com. From time to time we’ll publish a selection.

You can email us at info@nanditasdream.com

For any publicity or press enquiries press@nanditasdream.com

If you want to write directly to Sarah then it’s sarah@nanditasdream.com

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