“Songs from Nandita’s Dream” Sarah Patterson

A CD of new children’s world music

Upbeat, inspiring songs featuring Sarah Patterson, Black Umfolosi, Sura Susso, Rainbow Children’s Choir, Sheema Mukherjee and more…

Picture of Nandita's Dream CD

“The album Songs from Nandita’s Dream is an inspiring, upbeat world music celebration of Nandita’s journey. You can take a whole journey with Nandita just by listening and singing along to the songs. Yet together the album and the book are a magical, powerful combination.”

“The songs arrived at the same time as the story and they brought air, colour, rhythm and joy to the process of writing. I danced with them in the kitchen and wrote last-minute lyrics on the train on my way to make the recordings. I carried them in my heart and they supported me when I was making important decisions about the project. I let the Earth sing through.”

“One of my favourite experiences was with ‘Hey Little Girl’. I was waiting for Black Umfolosi to arrive. Their plane was late and it was 3am. In popped this lovely simple wave of song to carry Nandita from the dream world to the waking world. The next morning I sang it to the guys and we were off as they added their beautiful harmonies. We recorded it live in the studio with minutes to spare at the end of our session before they jumped into the tour bus.”

Picture of Black Umfolosi

Working with Black Umfolosi was part of the spine of the whole album. I loved the way their beautiful vocals sang in my head, and I wanted them to work with us from the beginning. Their heartfelt ‘yes’ and creative commitment to the project and to children are a joy. It’s the same with all the musicians and sound engineers.

Sheema, Sura and all the great musicians wanted to bring world-class songs to children, with a wonderful multicultural vibe that is part of the story. And here it is.

To find out more about all the musicians involved in the project, click here to view the interviews.

Picture of Sheema Mukherjee

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